Maybe the name sounds like a movie, a book or a home accessory. But the truth is that BreakShield is much more than its name suggests, as it is a multifunctional tool that can be useful as a USB phone charger, an emergency seatbelt cutter, an emergency glass breaker, a distress signal, a 2 mode LED light, an alarm and a power bank.

This innovative device should always be at hand in your car, given the fact that accidents do happen and having a BreakShield can mark the difference between death and life. Near 1.25 million people die in car crashes every year, 37,000 of them in the USA. Besides, 2.35 million more get injured or disabled due to those accidents. Because of this, not only prevention and prudence are important, but having the right tool to face emergencies and escape safely from a wrecked car is crucial.

With a BreakShield you can charge your cellphone or mobile devices, permitting the possibility to communicate on time. You can also use it to cut your seatbelt if you are trapped in the car, and break the glass safely, in order to get out. It’s an emergency red blinking flashlight and alarm siren will alert those around, giving them safety or letting them know you need help, thus significantly improving your opportunities to escape or be rescued in due time.

The BreakShield is considered as the most thorough of car escape tools, and it is really easy to get online, especially on Amazon, at a great prize and full warranty. It is one of those simple choices that make your life easier, and safer.

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