Let´s imagine a dark, lone road, in the middle of the night, with very low traffic. Everything you can see when you are driving is the space your headlights can cover. Suddenly, a big truck comes ahead of you, and its lights hit your eyes, darkening any detail necessary to be seen on the road. The truck passes at your left side, normally, but you feel the shake and the sound of something hitting your car on the right. You stop and get off. There´s a sand mound at the side of the road. And you have just hit it.

This actually happened, and the driver could continue driving with his car, even though it was crashed. But if this was not the case and the tires had been damaged, the danger of not being seen by other drivers would have been real. In a case like this, a signal to alert other drivers is necessary. And Breakshield has it.

If the car would have hit the sand mound in a different angle, the car could have been overturned and the driver could have been trapped. Cutting the seatbelt and breaking the glass to go out would have required tools you normally don´t have at hand, but, by having Breakshield near the driver´s seat, you have the chance to take it, cut the seat belt, safely break the glass and leave the vehicle.

Of course, you would surely need to make a call, but, at night, the battery of your cellphone has served during the day and is about to get empty. Breakshield provides the energy necessary to call and ask for help.

You don´t need to be McGyver to find a way out of this problem. What you need is a simple but powerful tool: Breakshield.

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