We all know the ad “in case of emergency, break the glass”. Sometimes we can find a small ax next to the glass, or a hammer. In the case of buses or other ways of public transportation, we can see the ad, but nothing to break the glass with. Anyhow, the main point is knowing when and how to break glass when necessary.

There are several tools to help in case of emergency, from utility knives to customized multi-tool devices. You can be familiar with the TV commercials in which they sell curious contraptions and inventions to open cans, send distress signals, charge phones, do exercise or get glasses with lamps attached to them. But, what about something to break any glass?

A gadget in a Bond movie called Die Another Day is a ring with an agitator that break glasses, too. And, of course, in movies, we can see people passing through windows, without a cut. There´s a secret, of course: those glasses are made of crystallized sugar.

But let´s get back to real life: glasses, like, say, the windshield of a car, are many times the only way out of danger in case of an accident. And breaking the glass safely is not exactly easy. Therefore, there´s a solution available, a must-have for any car owner: the Breakshield. Not only it can be used to break the glass, but to cut the seat belt, get light in dark places or warn other drivers about danger, but to charge your phone or getting the electric power necessary. It can sound curious, and even amusing, but, believe us, when you really need to break glass safely, it gets really serious.

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