Breakshield has been recognized as a very innovative, useful and easy to use tool. Do you need to find a cellphone that fell between the car´s seats? Do you need to change a flat tire? Do you need to break a glass in an emergency or cut something? Do you need to load your phone´s battery? Or, and no one is free from it to happen, do you need an alarm as a distress signal?

Breakshiekd works for all of these situations, and more. The most important thing about a tool is not the tool itself, but its use. You know that driving, being at home, camping, fixing things, working, etc, can require of a tool to solve simple or complex things, technology is advancing and the old big and heavy toolbox is not always at hand. In a time of exponential solutions and smaller devices, tools are evolving as well, so Breakshield is a clever result of such evolution.

Lights, cutters, and chargers are especially important today. In case of a blackout, being stuck, or the classic lack of energy in cellphones, having a Breakshield is the best and easiest way to get what you need right away.

And of course, another example of Breakshield´s usefulness: Have you ever had the necessity of getting a gift for a friend or a relative and you have no idea of what to buy? Don´t just give an item, but something beautiful, practical and useful. Breakshield is all of the three.

Breakshield is more than a multitool. It is a multi-solution. So you should get yours asap.

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