It is really stressful when you have to give a gift and you have no idea what it can be. Not too long ago, we could give, for instance, records, which were a great choice because there was always one in fashion at the moment and giving someone a record of their favorite singer or band was a great way to say “I know what you like, so here you are”.

You see, giving clothes is always good, but it usually brings the difficulty of sizes and different tastes. Shoes, under these terms, are even harder to be given.

A card is not really a great effort, but it could go along with the gift, as a card alone looks like a small detail, and it is a no brainer present. There are, of course, gift certificates from shops and big stores. They are practical and can be used by the person you want to make happy with the gift to purchase something he or she likes or want.

An invitation for dinner or any other meal is usually great, but schedules are a very common issue for this purpose.

Kitchen tools are not for everyone.

One would love to give trips, cars or any other fancy thing, but it is not always possible.

A cellphone is a nice gift, but in many places, it is becoming a cliché.

If you are about to buy a gift, keep in mind that something innovative and useful is always the best. Let us suggest you a multitool that can help you in an emergency, send distress signals, provide energy for your cellphone and help you get out from the wreckage, among many other things. Its name is Breakshield.

The most important thing is giving something useful for the person. And, of course, our car multitool can be. So here it is: Breakshield, as a gift, is useful, innovative and, simply, perfect!

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