There are many multitools in the market, but none as thorough as Breakshield. It is actually a tool that, as an invention, has achieved wonders. It is seven tools in one, but not any set of tools, but an innovative and extremely useful one. Let´s take a look at each one:

Safety hammer: This hammer can be used as such, but it is intended, especially, as a glass breaker in case of emergency.

Seatbelt cutter: Being trapped in car wreckage requires a very fast action to get out from it and be safe. In these cases, seatbelts can save your life during the crash, but can also become an issue at the moment of getting away from there. Therefore, you need something to cut the seatbelt safely and leave the wreckage. Of course, Breakshield is that something.

Torch: It is always necessary to have a light at hand when you are driving, especially at nights. So Breakshield can provide you that light and help you out in any circumstance related to driving safely or finding things or help during the night or in dark places. Its LED white and red lights can be used, depending on your necessity.

Emergency light: It is useful to send other people or drivers if your car is broken or crashed, warning or distress signals. And that, of course, can be your way out of trouble.

Power bank: In case you need to charge your cellphone or any other device, a power bank can always come in handy. As the number of apps and the intensive use of cellphones grow, batteries last for lesser and lesser time, so it is important to have an extra power source in your car or in your pocket. It is also useful for other devices to entertain your children, manage information, etc. Breakshield also has a USB charger, so it is really versatile.

Car charger: You can also use your car as a source, and solve the lack of energy in your technological devices, thanks to Breakshield.

Alarm: Its personal SOS alarm can be your way to safety in emergencies, whatever they may be. From a landslide to a car crash, an alarm is extremely important.

Breakshiekd can save your own life or the lives of other people you can help on the road, and be a useful tool at home or at any other place. So get it now, and make your life safer and easier.

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